Visualization Made Easy with Lumion 12

I’m sure you all know that Lumion 12 is out now. So, here’s what you need to know about the latest version:

Volumetric spotlights effect (Pro only)

Lighting often makes or breaks the aesthetic and atmosphere within a space. Lumion gives users extensive options to illuminate interiors and exteriors to complement the final design. If you want to add depth and atmospheric feel, you can easily customize based on color, brightness, IES profile and more.

One of Lumion’s best features is its spotlights effects and with Lumion 12, you can now give volumetric lighting to any of the spotlight objects throughout your project. This means you can show visible beams of light to create the perfect cinematic ambience.

Interior lighting

(Model design, ‘Scorpia’, by Adam Ingram (Ark Visuals)

Swimming pools and pool lighting

Street and public lighting

Dramatic lighting

Surface decals (Pro only)

When it comes to design visualization, every little detail matters. That’s the secret to realistic renders! With Lumion 12, this update now includes 142 new surface decals which you can use to customize your surfaces to highlight different textures and materials.

Some of the new collections include:

    • Water stains
    • Exposed brick
    • Moss
    • Chalk drawings
    • Paint markings
    • Road markings
    • Potholes
    • And many others

You can find all of these new surface decals in the Effects category in the Lumion 12 Pro content library.

Improved scene-building experience

Streamlined workflows aren’t something new to us. Instead, our software is known for its user friendliness for any architect and user to create realistic visualizations of their designs. What you can find with Lumion 12 is an improved user experience for scene building with greater ease and simplicity. 

Few of these improvements include:

    • Object collections
    • Improved groups and groups library
    • Improved OpenStreetMaps (Pro only)
    • Improved imported models library
    • Improved materials workflow
    • Improved library picker and object tags
    • Improved animation functionality
    • New character billboard
    • Other usability improvements

If you want to find out more about this improved scene-building experience, check out our new user tutorial here!

New objects, nature items and materials (some Pro only)

With each update, Lumion’s content library and features have been more inclusive of its users’ preferences. There’s over 6,900 high-detail objects and 1,350 textured materials available in the content library.

Lumion 12 has added 570 new objects into the library to give users more choices to add character to your buildings’ design. This version comes with 41 new fine-detail nature items that you can use to add flowers, grass, weeds, cattails and other small plants to your landscapes.

Some of the new objects include:

    • Stylish sofas, seats, tablets and many others for interiors and exteriors
    • Garden items along with a new garden object category
    • New transportation items, which can be localised with license plates (from over 10 different countries)
    • Solar panels, solar heaters and an electric car charger
    • More modern televisions, computers and other devices
    • New static people in lifelike poses and new character animations
    • Assorted objects such as wall art, garage items and lived-in beds

65 new materials including:

    • Acoustic foam
    • Cardboard
    • Solar panels
    • Tactile paving
    • Cork 
    • Bricks
    • Corrugated steel sheets
    • Roofing

Lumion Standard contains about one-third of the total library content, while Lumion Pro contains the full library. The above quoted numbers apply only for Lumion Pro.

LiveSync for Autodesk FormIt Pro

Lumion is the ideal visualization tool for showcasing designs to clients and architects who want to streamline their design process from the beginning.

Lumion LiveSync is a built-in feature that creates a live, real-time connection between Lumion and other CAD and 3D modelling software, such as Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, Rhino, AutoCAD and BricsCAD. With LiveSync, designers can model and render simultaneously, helping you to make design decisions, before the rendering stage.

This new software update features a free LiveSync plugin for Autodesk FormIt Pro, a design tool that combines intelligent automation and informed analysis with fluid 3D sketching.

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Tricia Lim

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