New Featured Highlights from Our Lumion 11.3 Update

At Lumion, we pride ourselves on being a user-friendly 3D rendering software. We’re all about ensuring your process from design to render is smooth, efficient, and most of all, fast. Whether you need Lumion for design development or a client presentation, Lumion 11.3 enhances the rendering process for users like you. As a result, we’ve added some neat features to our Lumion 11.3 update to help add more depth to your designs. 

Omni Lights

As you may already know, lighting plays such an essential role in bringing your design together. In Lumion 11.3, there are new shadows that you can play around with under its Omni Lights section. Soften your shadows with the Falloff slider or clean up the lines’ edges; there is now an improvement to shadow quality. You can also exclude shadows with a shadow exclusion zone if the light needs to be within an object, like under a lightbulb. Play around with the light sources, how it appears and casts their shadows, and you’ll get the idea. 

Multifunctional Clip Planes

Clip planes help view multiple planes from different angles. They show how much of a scene is seen by the camera in the viewport. With the Lumion 11.3 update, you can now reveal all the layers using the Multifunctional Clip Planes option. You can also isolate layers, focusing only on some aspects in the viewport at a time. 

lumion 11.3 multifunctional clip planes

If you want to create Photos and Movie Clips, you can do it with:

  • Up to a maximum of 3 Clipping Planes.
  • Set the Target Layer to Clip or Clip all Layers.
  • Place or move each of the Clip Planes to any Layer.

New Character Silhouettes

Lumion 11.3 now has more features for customising your character silhouettes in your design. You can take advantage of the new silhouette colouring for the characters to show some contrast in their surroundings.

lumion 11.3 character silhouette

Rendered Grid and Measurements

In architecture and design work, it’s of utmost necessity to know dimensions and measurements down to the tee. It works well as a visual and informative aid. That’s why this new feature is handy for presenting measures alongside your rendered design to your colleagues, clients or anyone interested!

lumion 11.3 rendered measurements

Improved Group Selection

Lumion 11.3 also includes a revised and improved Group selection tool. Now you can have more control and management over the objects, well, in your group. That means when a Group is selected, the links to all things in the group are visible.

The difference between this version and the older ones is its added convenience. Previously, it wasn’t possible to select groups unless the user was in the Select All Category. Whereas in the 11.3 version, users can choose a Group whenever it contains an object from the currently active Category. Which makes it easier to handle Groups with lots of content. 

It’s also easier to select objects without going into Edit Group, so quick tweaks on the object’s properties can be done.


The 11.3 update has some enticing features and improvements in quality. These are just some of the featured highlights:

  • Shadows in Omni Lights
  • Multifunctional Clip Planes can be used to create photo and movie clips
  • Available customisation to character silhouettes
  • Rendered measurements to present information to clients
  • Smoother workflow from the improved Group selection


That being said, we encourage users to explore the new update themselves and check out their featured highlights to enhance their designs!

Tricia Lim

Tricia Lim

Digital Marketing Specialist