Lumion 11.5: What You Need To Know

We’re back with some long-overdue updates.

2020 and 2021 have taught us many lessons, including our appreciation of the mundane and ordinary life activities with our loved ones. Be it travelling across borders to visit family or jamming out to the radio during rush hour, you name it.

Nevertheless, we have adapted to thrive and move forward despite the waves of uncertainty from living in a pandemic. As everyone craves normalcy back in our lives, we still have opportunities to create and work towards what’s ahead. Our team at Lumion has constantly tested and developed better software versions for all Lumion users worldwide.

That’s what’s great about Lumion. It has always been centred around realistic renders and convincing viewers that their desired projects are just within an arm’s reach with their software. This latest update also brings that to the table. Lumion’s updated content library of objects gives you the best arsenal to build more realistic designs.

lumion 11.5 kitchen view

When it comes to using the right combination of lighting, textures, and other objects, you’re bound to make your design space feel a little more alive. So let your imagination and design skills loose as you put your designs together from concept to execution.

Zoom in of Lumion 11.5 kitchen view

Lumion 11.5 Pro comes with 123 new objects* in the content library, all of which make it easier to add a personal touch to your renders. In addition, you’ll find 73 new retro-inspired objects that can reveal fun and quirky design. Here’s what you can expect:

36 eye-catching kitchen objects, including blenders, refrigerators, toasters, mixers and more.

12 furnishings from another era, including café tables and chairs, a jukebox, a popcorn maker and more.

11 timeless pieces of office furniture, including sofas, desks, chairs, table lamps and more.

14 other stylish items, including clocks, radios, a sewing machine, TVs and more.

Example of Lumion 11.5 3D characters

Additionally, there are 50 new 3D characters from various cultures and demographics, including children, teenagers, and adults. These non-animated characters are handy to portray what your designs would look like if people interacted with them.


Lumion 11.5 brings new retro-inspired objects and more diverse 3D characters. It’s available as a free update for Lumion 11 and 11.3 users, so Lumion 11 users can download the updated version on their Lumion Account

*Lumion Standard contains about one-third of the total library content, while Lumion Professional includes the whole library. The numbers quoted are for Lumion Professional.

Check out these retro-inspired objects and try them in your designs!

Tricia Lim

Tricia Lim

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