Driving Forward the Future of Real-Time Rendering with Lumion 2023

We’ve always been motivated by the democratization of 3D rendering for every architect and designer, regardless of CAD software or technical background. For over a decade, this philosophy has been fundamental to Lumion’s mission and it still propels us today. 

Over the years, Lumion has been renowned for its intuitive interface, powerful rendering engine, and seamless workflow integration. Our dependable software has encouraged thousands of architects and designers to express the story behind their designs in amazing, creative ways–all while keeping the more technical aspects of rendering seamlessly working in the background. 

That brings about the question: what’s next for Lumion?

Our much anticipated Lumion 2023, set to launch early next year, marks the beginning of a new chapter for us and a new era of visualization for AEC industries. This upcoming version integrates the power of ray-tracing into our robust real-time technology to bring you next-gen visualization. 

Lumion 2023 aims to combine the best parts of technology and art into one exceptional platform. How exactly are we accomplishing this? By setting a new standard through the incorporation of ray tracing technology and rasterization. To achieve this innovative shift, we’ve completely transformed Lumion’s outstanding in-house render engine. As a result, we’ve ensured that our new render engine delivers a best-of-breed, time-efficient rendering experience to aid AEC professionals in all their projects. 

This thrilling transition will provide an unprecedented level of quality that’s both innovative and reliable. 

“Lumion 2023 is more than just an upgrade. To unlock the potential of ray tracing now and in the future, we completely overhauled our render engine, a journey that started more than 2 years ago.”

Remko Jacobs, Lumion Chief Technology Officer

Therefore, to ensure that all our users receive the best possible experience, Lumion’s new rendering platform will provide more frequent feature and content updates through our new Lumion Subscription system. 

Why now?

While ray tracing technology has been around for a while, our decision to integrate it into Lumion has been driven by our 4 main principles: speed, stability, experience, and accessibility. 

You must be wondering: will Lumion still work if my graphics card is not capable of ray tracing? Don’t fret; our new render engine ensures that you’ll be able to use our software without any disruption of workflow, speed, or quality, regardless of your graphics card ray tracing capabilities. 

While ray tracing will unlock the ability to create highly accurate lighting, shadows, and reflections, Lumion 2023 is still flexible enough for you to achieve your desired visualization results. 

We are excited to see how far you can go with Lumion 2023.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.

Andie Phoon

Digital Marketing Manager